JSSE Issue n.72 – Elizabeth Spencer

We are pleased to announce the publication of number 72 of the Journal of the Short Story in English/Cahiers de la nouvelle, devoted to Elizabeth Spencer. This issue is dedicated to our colleagues specialized in American literature, Michel Bandry, Danièle Pitavy-Souques and Claude Maisonnat (who authored one of the articles), but also to Spencer herself, who passed away in December 2019. Two previously unpublished short stories and two interviews are collected in this issue. Three writers have also agreed to share their memories of Spencer.

You will find below the table of contents, as well as links to the websites of the Presses Universitaires de Rennes and OpenEdition, where the beginning of the articles can be accessed.

We wish you a pleasant reading.


Gérald Préher and Xavier Le Brun, for the editorial team.

Emmanuel Vernadakis
Gérald Préher
Marcel Arbeit
“It’s better if you let it sit and wait a while”: An Interview with Elizabeth Spencer
Gérald Préher
“all writing is taken from something known about or experienced as a base”: A Composite Interview with Elizabeth Spencer
Elizabeth Spencer
Elizabeth Spencer
“Two by Moonlight”
Claude Maisonnat
From the Scopic Drive to Empowerment in Elizabeth Spencer’s “First Dark”
Marcel Arbeit
Are Emotions Contagious? Elizabeth Spencer’s “Judith Kane”
Gérald Préher
(Re)visiting the Past: Elizabeth Spencer’s Marilee and the Short Story Composite
Frédérique Spill
Elizabeth Spencer’s Other Southern Landscape: The Southern Woman in Italy, Or Voicing the Allure of Foreignness
Stéphanie Maerten
“I just run off sometimes”: Runaway Women in Elizabeth Spencer’s Short Fiction
Terry Roberts
Weaving Then and Now: The Artistry of “The Cousins”
Tanya Tromble
Elizabeth Spencer’s “Owl”: Building Psychological Tension through Ominous Portents
Sharon E. Colley
Active Response to the Past Imperfect: Elizabeth Spencer’s Starting Over
Emmeline Gros
Resisting the Traditional Construction of Fatherhood and Masculinity in Elizabeth Spencer’s “Sightings” and “The Everlasting Light”
Amélie Moisy
Return Trip with a Wolfean Spirit
Amy Weldon
Elizabeth Spencer’s Spacious Escapes
Allan Gurganus
Remembering Elizabeth Spencer
Lisa Alther
One Afternoon in Vermont
Bobbie Ann Mason
With Elizabeth and Her Cats
Peggy Whitman Prenshaw
Afterword: Elizabeth Spencer: Mississippi Literary Trail Marker
Contributors’ Notes



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