Interactive Bibliography

We are very pleased to announce the start of our collective bibliography, which is housed as a group library on the website Zotero. We hope this bibliography will be useful in helping researchers, especially those just starting out in the field, to discover new sources. It is also a way for ENSFR members to share their new publications. All members can add bibliographical entries and, thanks to Zotero’s easy search features, can access the entries that have been added by others.

J O I N   N O W


To add a reference, you can click on the + at the top of the library and then fill in the form providing all of the necessary bibliographical information; or you can click on the magic wand and by entering the ISBN or a URL, Zotero can find the work and will fill in most of the information directly for you.

Your participation in this new project is much appreciated as this is one very concrete way to share what you are working on with other members of the network. Please don’t hesitate to invite other short fiction researchers and doctoral students to join our network so that they can also access and contribute to our new collective bibliography.

Please contact Karla Cotteau ( and Amândio Reis ( for further information or if you encounter any problems.

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