EU call of Cultural projects

Protest Europe

Award-winning British publishing house Comma Press, in partnership with the University of Angers, is looking to build link with other publishers, festivals and universities across Europe to partner with on an international collaboration project designed to re-engage readers and writers with people’s history and shared, common cultural heritage through a series of commissions focusing on the history of European protest. Exploring the links between different protest movements across Europe, these commissions will bring together publishers, writers, historians, activists, translators, researchers and universities to collaborate on the creation of a series of short stories, semi-fictionalising this history in a way which shows shared goals, influences and strategies.

The stories will be written by fiction writers working in close collaboration with experts (historians and living activists) who will also write short afterwords to accompany the finished stories. The stories and afterwords will be translated and published simultaneously across various language editions. The project will also host public events and develop digital materials to celebrate and better understand these pivotal moments of ‘popular resistance’ – protests which, in some small way, helped to shape modern Europe.

If you or your organisation would like to find out more about this project, email coordinator Ra Page at

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