Conference Programme: Haunting in Short Fiction and Its Adaptations

Haunting in Short Fiction and Its Adaptations

20-21 November 2015, University of Angers, France

Edge Hill University, University of Leuven,
University of Le Mans, University of Nantes, University of Angers and the European Network for Short Fiction Research

Friday 20 November 2015

9 a.m. registration

9.30 – 11 a.m. PANELS 1, 2

Panel 1: Maternal Ghosts ¡ Frida Kahlo room

Helen E. Mundler, Université Paris-Est Créteil

The maternal impulse as ghost: three hauntings in contemporary women’s fiction: A.S. Byatt, Fay Weldon, Alison Lurie

Pascale Tollance, Université de Lyon 2

A Writer’s Ghosts: The Spectre of Matricide in A.S Byatt’s “The Changeling”

Leslie de Bont, Université de Nantes

“Effy’s Passion for the Mother Who Had Not Loved her Was the Supernatural Thing”: Haunting as an expression of attachment in May Sinclair’s “The Intercessor”

Panel 2: Domestic Ghosts ¡ Germaine Tillion room

Jorge Sacido-Romero, University of Santiago de Compostela

Ghostly Visitations in Contemporary Short Fiction by Women: Fay Weldon, Janice Galloway and Ali Smith

Sylvia Mieszkowski, University of Bayreuth

Spectres of Domesticity: Tessa Hadley’s “Bad Dreams” and Carly Holmes’s “Piece by Piece”

Rhoda Greaves, Birmingham City University

The Absent Child in Contemporary British Short Fiction

11- 11.15 a.m. coffee

11.15-11:30 a.m. Official Opening of the Conference

11:30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. PLENARY LECTURE ¡ Germaine Tillion room

Liliane Louvel, Université de Poitiers

“Bathed in an ‘incredible sweetness of light’: ‘the lost day of Michael Bruen’s funeral,’” a Reading of John MacGahern’s “The Wine Breath”

12.30 – 2 p.m. LUNCH

2-3.30 p.m. PANELS 3, 4

Panel 3: Female Gothic ¡ Germaine Tillion room

Lily Robert-Foley, Université d’Angers

Haunting the Female Gothic: Haunted readings of ghost stories by women

Anne Besnault-Levita, Université de Rouen

Mirrors of the Self and the Tradition of the “Female Gothic”: Scenes of Hauntings and Apparitions in Victorian and Modernist Short Fiction

Laura Torres Zúñiga, Catholic University of Murcia

Specters of Motherhood in Helen Simpson’s Stories

Panel 4: Story in/and other media ¡ Frida Kahlo room

C.D. Rose, Edge Hill University

Haunted Voices

Gilles Couderc, Université de Caen

The Ghosts at Bly or the Ubiquity of Evil in Benjamin Britten’s Turn of the Screw

 3.30-4 p.m. COFFEE

 4 – 5.30 p.m. PANELS 5, 6, 7

 Panel 5: Colonial and Postcolonial Ghosts ¡ Frida Kahlo room

 Jaine Chemmachery, University of Paris 1 Sorbonne

Ghosts and Haunting in Kipling’s Colonial Tales: Revealing the Duplicity of European Modernity

Mathilde Caër, HCTI, l’Université Bretagne Occidentale (Brest)

“[A] very odd easiness towards ghosts “: the Necessity of Being Haunted in Keri Hulme’s short stories

Dominique Dubois, Université d’Angers

Fighting the Ghosts of the Past: the Haunting Search for Identity in a Postcolonial Context in Pauline Melville’s Shape-Shifter and The Migration of Ghosts

Panel 6: American Ghosts I ¡ Julien Gracq room

 Robert M. Luscher, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Ghosts of Vietnam: The Haunted Liminal Spaces of Robert Olen Butler’s A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

Bénédicte Meillon, University of Perpignan

Crouching Specters and Hidden Masters in “Black Man and White Woman in Dark Green Row Boat,” by Russell Banks.

Amélie Moisy, MC Université Paris Est Créteil

Haunting and Satire in the Short Fiction of George Saunders

 Panel 7: Spectrality, Past, Present ¡ Germaine Tillion room

Ailsa Cox, Edge Hill University

Jon McGregor’s Haunting Voices

Adèle Cassigneul, Université de Bordeaux 2 and Université Toulouse-Jean Jaurès

Virginia Woolf’s Haunted House of Fiction

Rhiannon Marks, Cardiff University

‘Knock knock!’ ‘Who’s there?’ ‘Death…’: Postmodernism haunts Modernism?

 6:00-7:00 p.m. READINGS: Ailsa Cox, Rhoda Greaves and C.D. Rose


Saturday 21 November

9.30 – 11 a.m. PANELS 8, 9, 10

Panel 8: Canadian Ghosts ¡ Frida Kahlo room

Christine Lorre, Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle

Landscape and Traces in Alice Munro’s Short Stories

Corinne Bigot, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre

Ghost Texts in Alice Munro’s Short Stories

Teresa Gibert, Spanish National University of Distance Education (UNED)

Spectral Soldiers in Margaret Atwood’s Short Fiction

Panel 9: Female Gothic ¡ Julien Gracq room

Xavier Lachazette, Université du Maine, Le Mans

Haunting Heiress: the Short Stories of Daphne du Maurier

Thomas Legendre, University of Nottingham

Ghostly Desires in Edith Wharton’s ‘Miss Mary Pask’

Elena Pinyaeva, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Melusina’s Oscillations as the Spectral Motif in M. Roberts’s “Anger”

Panel 10: American Ghosts II ¡ Germaine Tillion room

Jocelyn Dupont, University of Perpignan

Haunting and the city: Patrick McGrath’s Ghost Town. Tales of Manhattan Then and Now

Tanya Tromble, Aix Marseille Université

Phantoms of Loss: Hauntings in Joyce Carol Oates’s “Anniversary” and “The Haunting”

Ineke Bockting, Institut Catholique de Paris

“Hovering in the World of Twilight”: When Both Narrator and Character are Haunted by the Past


11- 11.15 a.m. COFFEE

11.15 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. READING & INTERVIEW with Jon McGregor

12.30 – 2 p.m. LUNCH

2-3.30 p.m. PANELS 11, 12, 13

Panel 11: Edgar Allan Poe ¡ Germaine Tillion room

Mercedes Peñalba, University of Salamanca

Graphic Poe: “The Tell-Tale Heart” and Its Palimpsest Texts

Julie Berlin Emerek Jensen, Université du Maine

The Dominant Role of the Female Protagonists in the Haunted and Strange

Worlds of Edgar Allan Poe

Jennifer K. Dick, Université de Haute Alsace

Madness and the spectral: Edgar Allan Poe and Laura Mullen’s The Tell-Tale Heart

Panel 12: Spectral Returns in the 19th century ¡ Julien Gracq room

Whitehead Sarah, University of Kingston

Humorous Hauntings: the Comic Gothic in the Short Stories of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Esin Korkut, Middle East Technical University, Ankara/ Turkey

Resurrection of the Past through the Archival Body and the Function of Spectrality in “The Withered Arm” by Thomas Hardy

Miłosz Wojtyna, University of Gdańsk

The Ghost of Modernism. Short Story Criticism and the European Canon

Panel 13: Technologies, Bodies, Gender ¡ Frida Kahlo room

Mary Conde, Queen Mary, University of London

Photographing the ‘blind face that cries and can’t wipe its eyes’: Rudyard Kipling’s Haunting Stories

Gaïd Girard,HCTI, UBO Brest

“It’s like she is a hologram stuck behind my eyes”: Cybernetics and the Gendered Spectral in William Gibson’s “Burning Chrome” (1986)

Lilia Kilburn, MIT

Trans-Substantiation: Unruly Bodies and Transgender Ghosts in Thomas Page McBee’s “Self-Made Man”

3.30-4 p.m. coffee

 4 – 6.00 p.m. PANELS 14, 15

 Panel 14: Haunting Pasts and Places ¡ Frida Kahlo room

 Suzanne Bray, Université Catholique de Lille

“Am I my Brother’s Keeper?” or “The Kingdom of Hell is Within Us”: A Spiritual Haunting in Charles Williams’ “Et in Sempiternum Pereant

Deborah Bridle-Surprenant, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis

“Haunted, you said?”: Arthur Machen’s Short Stories as Haunted and Haunting Places.

Gérald Préher, Université Catholique de Lille

Storytelling and Myth-Making in William Goyen’s “A Shape of Light”

Thorunn Lonsdale, Ithaca College London Centre

A letter to the dead: Jean Rhys’s ‘Pioneers, Oh, Pioneers’

Panel 15: Modernist and Postmodernist haunting ¡ Germaine Tillion room

Paul March-Russell, University of Kent

The Abcanny Politics of Landscape in Lucy Wood’s Diving Belles

Leena Eilittä, University of Tampere

Determining Haunting in “The True Story of AH Q” by Lu Xun.

Laura Lojo-Rodríguez, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Haunting and Spectrality in Elizabeth Bowen’s “The Demon Lover”

Jim Hinks, Edge Hill University

Haunting, Hesitation and Adaptation. How Tsvetan Todorov informs my practice as research



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